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I hear Green Day playing.. This feels like 2008

I hope you have the time of your life

On a holiday

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surprise your friends at rock paper scissors by throwing a punch instead

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life hack: always like someone’s selfie. it takes a lot of courage to post a picture of yourself. always be kind. reply nice things.

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but how do you convince little kids to wear clever costumes they won’t appreciate?

"mommy can i be batman?"
"no you and your brother are going as van gogh and the starry night painting, it’ll be so hilarious and witty"
"i want to be batman though"
"shhhhh mommy needs more followers on pinterest"

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There is not one person in this world that is not cripplingly sad about something. You remember that before you open your mouth.


please don’t flirt with people i secretly like it’s rude and disrespectful

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sexy inexplicable melancholy

I think the time is ripe to reblog this.

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do you ever feel like having too many feelings that you just might explode

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